bandit is defined as any runner taking part in the race without permission from the race directors, which can include but is not limited to joining the race field without registering or running with another runner’s bib on.

We have a strict no-banditing policy and reserve the right to ban anybody from future participation in our race who is caught running without having a proper registration or other race director permission. If you would like to participate, please consider volunteering on race day instead.

While we may not have any bibs available, you are also welcome to get in touch with us and request a bib. We will sometimes have leftover bibs that sponsors choose not to take advantage of, and in years where our race is a state or regional championship race there are usually bibs reserved for the RRCA that can sometimes be provided to local runners.

It is not acceptable under any circumstances to run without registering yourself or to run using another person’s bib. Transferring your bib to another runner is not allowed except through official methods that may be provided by the race. (We do not offer bib transfers every year.)

Banditing is a serious problem that puts the runner at risk if they get hurt and puts the race at risk of losing our insurance or having race insurance priced out of budget, or getting permits for future years.

If you have been placed on our “Banned Runners” list (of which banditing is the easiest but not the sole method for inclusion) then your registration will be refunded to you and you will be notified that you are not allowed to run if you attempt to register in future years. Your name may also be provided to other area race directors on request, and we will also reserve the right to consider inclusion of known bandits or other cheats for our “Banned Runners” list.

Last Update: 2014 February 07