1993 Results

The early morning temperate was minus 18 degrees but warmed up to about 5 above for the race; fortunately the wind was light.

Big turn out for these conditions, but many ran it as a fast training run, including winner Kathy Tracy who is back after illness.

Only 4 Mainers were in the 1st 11 finishers; 3 were from New Brunswick, 2 from New Hampshire and 2 from Massachussetts.

The course was not run as certified because the town had done some alterations near the school. The director, Bob Payne, used the Jones counter to make the adjustments, so the distance was correct. Some more road modifications are planned by the town this year requiring recertification for next year’s race.

The height of consistency, Russ Bradley ran the same time, to the second, as last year. Ellen Bowden repeated last year’s 2nd place finish but is now a master and ran almost a minute faster. Her time easily meets the ’93 USA T&F Road Runner Information Center’s (formerly TACSTAT) standards and would have been the 25th fastest in ’91 for a master. I bet she can knock 2 minutes off this time on the Sports East 10 Mile course with some good weather. This should put her in the top 10 fastest in the US. Ken Houle of Somersworth also met the USA T&F standards.