1997 Results

From The Pine Tree Running Journal:

Maine Track Club Midwinter 10 Miler – 2.2.97. There is no better way to test your fitness level after all of those lonely winter miles (???) than a 10 mile road race in February. For some it is a way of getting ready for spring marathons, and for others (your editor included) it is a wake-up call to start training more. If nothing else, it was a beautiful day to run, with temperatures in the high 40’s and clear roads. Both Byrne Decker and Kristen Pierce continue to run long races well, winning here after winning the Maine Marathon in October. Results courtesy of Don Penta.

From Marjorie Tennsyon:

293 finishers set a new event record high, on a rare beautiful, sunny and calm, mid-winter day for this event. Superb organization and excellent pre and post race facilities helped to compensate for the relentless hills which make this course a tough one for mid winter training levels.

Bob Winn led the field through the 5 mile mark with a 15 second lead on Maine Marathon winner, Byrne Decker, with Don Legere and David Weatherby two minutes back. Decker began closing in on Winn climbing a long steep hill between miles five and six, and caught him near the six mile mark. Much to Byrne Decker’s disappointment, as he passed Winn, Winn stepped off the course leaving Decker to finish up alone, a full 4 1/2 minutes up on second place. Legere and Weatherby took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Kristen Pierce (1:01:41) the Maine Marathon’s women’s champion who recently graduated from Dartmouth, out legged Veronica Haskell (1:02:43) who has returned to Maine from living in Colorado. Christine Snow Reaser (1:04:13), still suffering from the after effects of the knock-down- drag- out, flu bug, led the chase group, followed by rising triathlete star, Katie Payson (1:04:39) and Gayla Underkoffler (1:06:12) a new competitor who is just beginning to attempt the longer distances.

In the Master’s Division, Judd Esty-Kendall (58:55), topped George Towle (59:38) and Kevin McDonald (1:01:42.) for the men. Linda Hanson, a name new to Maine races at age 49, led all the Master women in 1:13:09. Forty-two year olds, Ellie Tucker (1:13:24) and Nancy Kneeland (1:13:38) followed her closely over the line.

56% or a total of 165 runners completed this hilly course under 8 minute pace, in the middle of the Maine winter. In a remarkable showing of mid winter depth, 12 women finished under 70 minutes and 42 women finished under 80 minutes. 8 men finished under 60 minutes and 53 under 70 minutes. Ten runners ran under the USATF performance time guidelines for their age groups.